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11 — 16 сентября 2017, Nalchik





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The Organizing Committee of the VI-th All-Russian Conference with   international participation «Mountain Ecosystems and their Components» invites you to participate in the conference in September 11-16, 2017 in Nalchik, Tembotov Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories RAS


Scientific trends of the Conference are as follows:

- biodiversity under mountain conditions (regularities of its formation, species and population diversity, temporal and spatial dynamics);

- ecology and evolution of organisms and communities under conditions of mountain territories;

- ecological fundamentals of rational development and protection of nature mountain resources.  


Conference Programme Committee:

Tembotova F.A. (Chaiman, Corresponding-member of RAS, Tembotov Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories RAS);

Bol'shakov V.N. (Vice-Chairman, Academician of RAS, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Division RAS, Theriological Society RAS);

Rozhnov V.V. (Vice-Chairman, Academician of RAS, Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Theriological Society RAS);

Abramov A.V. (Candidate of Biology, Institute of Zoology RAS);

Askerov E.K. (Azerbaijan WWF Agency, Institute of Zoology Azerbaijan NAS);

Badenkov Yu.P. (Candidate of Geography, Institute of Geography RAS);

Zalikhanov Yu. Kh. (National park «Prielbrusye»);

Kuniev K.M. («Daghestan» state nature reserve);

Makarova O.L. (Candidate of Biology, Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS);

Malandziya V.I. (Candidate of Biology, Abkhazian state university, Abkhazia);

Puzachenko A.Yu. (Doctor of Biology, Institute of Geography RAS);

Solomina O.N. (Corresponding-member of RAS, Institute of Geography RAS);

Taniya I.V. (Candidate of Geography, Ritsa relict national park, Abkhazia);

Tuniev B.S. (Doctor of Biology, Institute of natural sciences, Khudzhanskiy Gafurov state university, Tadzhikistan).

                                 Conference Organizing Committee:

Kononenko E.P. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Pkhitikov A.B. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Pshegusov R.Kh. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Rapoport I.B. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Gorobtsova O.N. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Tsepkova N.L. (Candidate of Biology, IEMT RAS);

Dzhamirzoev G.S. (Candidate of Biology, «Daghestan» state nature reserve, IEMT RAS).

Conference coordinator — Mashukova Irina Sergeevna, Phone/Fax: (8662) 42-15-14


Working languages — Russian, English.



The Conference Programme includes plenary reports (20 minutes), and session reports (10 minutes). The form of the report registered by the author, can be changed by the Organizing Committee under the agreement with the author.


The persons interested in the Conference can send the advance registration form and theses (1 page with Times New Roman 12, interval 1; the left margin — 3 cm, the right margin — 1 cm, both the upper and bottom margins — 2 cm) to the Organizing Committee, e-mail (iemt-conf@mail.ru). Theses will be published by the beginning of the Conference.



Registration fee is 8 euro for graduate students, and 25 euro for other conferees. Registration fee includes participation in the Conference and the complete set of the conferee (the Conference Programme, a printed copy of the Conference collected articles, and the entry certificate).


Key dates of the Conference organizing:

January, 2017 — the first information letter;

April 15, 2017 — the closing date for the Advance Registration Form;

May 15, 2017 — the closing date for accepting theses;

May, 2017 — the second information letter with indication of the reserved hotel, and Registration fee requisites.

August, 2017 — the third information letter; the Conference Programme, and organization information for the conferees. 


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